• Boost your income with huge profits
  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Add value to your business without any start-up, overhead costs

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A look into Curtina® Channel Partner Program
Curtina’s® Channel Partner Association Program is especially designed to help people from educational and corporate sector in boosting their income and increasing their credibility. Curtina® is a renowned Global name in financial education with presence in 50+ schools globally which is committed to make quality of running institute/school, regardless of their geographical location. We always welcome people who could help us in spreading our mission. At the moment our Channel Partners come from educational institutes, small and medium-sized business and academic consultants. You can also become our Channel Partner. Just send in your information via our application form and we will assist you. You can also call us to discuss your requirements with us.

Scope of our clientele
Educational Institutes
Educational agent or consultant
Curtina® Channel Partner Association Program is a great way to expand your income and increase your authenticity. As an associate you get the opportunity to bring as many students to the Curtina® as you want and earn accordingly.

It is indeed important to have educated employees in today's world. There are many organization where employees, to fortify position and excel in career, seek permission from the authorities to continue with their education. With Curtina® Channel Partner Association Membership program you can facilitate your employees within your premises.

Advantages of Curtina® Channel Partner Association
Earn huge profits
Zero overhead Costs and increase profits
Have complete control over client's database
No additional costs
No contract fee, set-up fees or monthly minimums
No cancellation fees at the time of withdrawing from your membership 
with us
Manage account of your clients' and students' through our easy account

management process

Contact our Associate Program Manager anytime of the day.
How Do I Become a Channel Partner Member?
The complete process is very simple. Below we have listed the details for your understanding: